Kicks R Us would like to wish you and your family a healthy & active New Year!

We all must work together to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.

Here are 10 Resolutions to control childhood obesity from 

*Remember to not use the word "diet" with children.*
  • Encourage your child to take part in physical activity
    Today's lifestyle has made children less sociable as they tend to spend long hours in front of the television sets or the computer while playing games. This sedentary lifestyle adds to their weight and once they become obese they strongly oppose the idea of any physical activity or sport. You should find out the physical activity which your child likes the most and encourage him to do it for a minimum of one hour per day. You can play with him or find friends to give him company!
  • Don't allow your child to sit for long hours in front of the television
    You should limit your child's TV watching time to a maximum of two hours per day. This time would also include the time he would spend with his computer.
  • Check his calorie intake
    You should consult a dietician
    to find out the exact calorie requirement of your child. The expert would tell you about the foods which your child needs to consume. It is your responsibility to check whether your child is following the instructions.
  • Don't keep processed foods stocked in your home
    Processed foods are high in preservatives, trans fat, saturated fat and in sodium content. These junk foods are a leading cause of childhood obesity and so you should keep these away from your child. Do not store Colas and junk foods in your refrigerator.
  • Give him fresh fruits and vegetables
    You should give your child around 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day. There are many low-calorie, healthy recipes which your child would like to relish.
  • Make healthy snacks for him
    Whenever your child would ask for a snack from you, never offer him the packet of potato chips! Rather, go for a glass of skimmed milk or a fruit! You can put some effort by making a sandwich made with whole-wheat bread and lean poultry for him.
  • Make sure he gets adequate sleep at night
    If you are watching television for late hours in the night, make sure that your child is not sitting beside you! You should first let your child go to sleep and then you can enjoy late-night TV serials. For adolescents, the minimum hours of sleep is 9 hours while for those falling in the age group of 6-12 years, the figure is 10 to 11 hours.
  • Teach your child how to select healthy foods
    Your child should know about the healthy foods that he is permitted to consume. You cannot guide him every time and in every occasion. So he has to make sound judgments on the selection of the most healthy food options even while eating out.
  • Be your child's role model
    A child seems to imitate or learn many things from his parents. So if you give up your bad eating habits or try to stick to a healthy diet plan, then this would impact your child as well. Both of you would feel a lot of energy within yourselves and would be able to share quality time with each other.
  • Be strict enough to maintain the routine
    Once your child loses weight, do not allow him to go back to his old, unhealthy eating patterns. You should focus on his weight management to see that he does not regain the lost weight!

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